Get Ready for Company This Holiday Season!

Get Ready for Company This Holiday Season!

Do You Have Company Coming for the Holidays? Be Ready!

The holiday season is approaching fast and before you know it, everyone and their grandma might be calling to stay with you! No matter how far in advance they might ask, it’s still a hassle. We totally get it. Here are a few tips to make your life easier this holiday season and avoid feeling like you are running a part-time bed and breakfast!

  1. Prepare for hungry visitors. Have a few breakfast options on hand. A bag of fresh coffee grounds, cream, sugar, cereal, and bagels can go a long way. Keep these items on hand so that your guests aren’t left to starve every morning, but gather a list of local lunch and dinner options so you aren’t cooking every meal. If you have time to cook a few meals, let them know ahead of time when to expect food on your table!

  2. Pick a bathroom for guests and stock it up! Set aside a few sets of towels that are only for guests to use. As soon as a group of guests leave, wash the towels ASAP. You never know when your spontaneous aunt and uncle might decide to stay with you for New Year’s. If you are feeling generous, pick up a few toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes in the dollar section of Target. It’s likely one of your guests will have forgotten basic toiletry items.

  3. Close off areas you don’t want guests to see. Have a room in your house that is filled to the brim with junk? Don’t have time to organize? Just shut the door! You might even select one closet or room to keep personal and breakable items so that they aren’t disturbed by curious children or nosey adults.

  4. Make a guest room! Your guests will need a place to sleep, even if they called last minute. Decide where they will stay (even if it’s the living room) and move out any furniture that is in the way. Need to make a last minute guest room? Give us a call! We can have your house flipped in no time by moving a few pieces of furniture around. We also won’t judge if you call us back after the New Year to flip your house back.

  5. Move furniture or prized possessions to a storage unit! If you are looking for more room than you think is even possible, you might benefit from moving a few pieces into a storage unit. Call L’Goff and we will take care of all the details, including moving it back when you are ready!

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