Moving In The Movies: Which Character Are You?


Moving In The Movies: Which Character Are You?

Moving is a normal part of life, and it affects people in different ways.

We see examples of this is some of our favorite movies. Take the quiz to find out which character you are from these classic movies about moving! Just write down your answers, then scroll to the bottom to see your results! Don't forget to share your results with your friends and tell them to take the quiz too! 


What describes your style?

a. Shirt and tie

b. Sweaters and jeans

c. James Dean-esque

d. Work-out Clothes

e. Dresses

Describe Your Personality.

a. Warm and witty

b. Quiet and mysterious

c. Edgy and energetic

d. Loyal and protective

e. Whimsical and rebellious 

Favorite Pastime? 

a. Games and sports

b. Deep conversation

c. Music and dance

d. Working hard

e. Finding new adventures

Hair Color?

a. Rocking the grey!

b. Auburn

c. Dirty Blonde

d. Black

e. Firey Red

Favorite Music?

a. Smooth Jazz

b. Singer-songwriters

c. Rock n’ Roll

d. Motivational

e. Rootsy


Write down your answers and scroll down.....







If you answered A for the majority of questions, you are Tom Baker from Cheaper By The Dozen

Tom makes a tough decision to move his large family for the sake of his dream job. Like Tom, you try your best to make lemonade out of lemons and encourage others around you to do the same, but it's not always accepted with welcoming arms. While your personality may prove strong, you've got a soft spot for your family and only want the best for them. Just make sure to ease them into the idea of moving before you go too crazy.


If you answered B for the majority of questions, you are Bella Swan from Twilight

Bella decides on moving to the little town of Forks, Washington, where she finds more than just a new home and new school. Like Bella, though you are quiet, you are fierce. A new place doesn't excite you much, but rather causes you to keep to yourself. That doesn't mean you lack confidence as you are secure in your identity. Yet there's a tiny part of yourself searching for more. And when that missing piece in your life is found, you'll be consumed by it.


If you answered C for the majority of questions, you are Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) from Footloose

Ren is forced into moving from Chicago to small midwestern town where dancing has been banned, but he's determined to change that. Like Ren, you are an edgy, forward thinker who isn't afraid to challenge authority. You rally people around you for the cause you believe in. And of course, you can't help but dance!


If you answered D for the majority of questions, you are Daniel Larusso  from Karate Kid

Daniel makes the move to California with his mom where he's bullied until Mr. Miyagi takes him under his wing. Like Daniel, you are an underdog. You would rather not endure change, but once you're given a purpose, you are hyper-focused. You are a fast learner. You are very loyal to the ones closest to you, even putting their needs above your own.


If you answered E for the majority of questions, you are Rose Bukater from Titanic

Rose feels trapped moving to Philadelphia to marry a man she doesn't love, until she meets Jack. Like Rose, you don't quite fit into the culture of your family. Polite manners and elegant taste are nice and all, but you'd much rather dance to the beat of your own drum. If you were to move, you'd simply be happy to leave your luxurious possessions behind as long as your most trusted and loyal friends came along for the ride.

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